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Workers' Compensation Litigation Prediction Software

Identifies claims likely to go into litigation early in the lifecycle. Manage proactively to prevent the expensive and litigious journey.


Adopt a culture of 'Proactive Claims Management' using suite of products

Tangible benefits - 10 to 15% in efficiency gains; 15- 20% by preventing fraud, abuse & waste; Increased customer satisfaction


Improve tactical, operational and strategic decision with predictive power

Quick deployment and easy integration with your existing claims management systems through a library of APIsIt's easy.

Litigation Prediction
Leverage's litigation prediction models

        -  Proactively manage the claims likely to go into litigation

        -  Assign experienced adjusters to mange the predicted claims


Accuracy of Litigation Predictions models predict the probability of a claim going into litigation. An early indication of litigation can help the claim managers take a proactive approach to manage the claimant's concerns. And  in most cases, take appropriate measures to avoid an expensive litigious path.


Our technology helps identify “at-risk” claims using sophisticated machine learning algorithms and AI modeling. 


Put your team in a 'driver's seat', helping navigate the claims journey without the litigious road bumps.

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Discover Litigation Cost Drivers

Algorithms are designed to look at every aspect of a claim and give a binary output, with prediction of litigation as either 'Yes' or 'No', along with a statistical likelihood of the prediction.


The models ranks the contribution of every variable in the ultimate prediction. And displays the top 5 variables, that had the maximum predictive value for the underlying claim.


Adjuster can cross check the top drivers of a claim. And prepare a strategy to best deal with the specifics of the claim.


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Litigation Insight Dashboard

Dashboard view provides deep insights on litigation trends, letting you view predicted litigation as per claimant demographics, Injury Types, Employment / Job classification, Adjuster workload and more.

Strategizing based on these insights could help you create a effective litigation prevention and cost reduction programs.

Configure Litigation Notifications let's you configure notifications for every claim flagged with high litigation probability. You may define the threshold level of statistical confidence, that should trigger the notification.

You may designate the  specialists, who shall be notified with relevant details to act upon. can help you reduce litigations by  15% to 20% compared to your current rates.


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route-fifty-lead-image.jpg Predictive Suite use highly sophisticated AI and Deep Learning Models to make accurate predictions of critical claims parameters. Models ingest structured as well as unstructured data (like Adjuster's Notes), run them through a proprietary statistical models to give the final inputs.


In line with dynamic nature of insurance business, the solutions are trained to monitor the hit ratio. And use this data to self improvise over a period of time - further entrenching into the core of your claims operation.




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