15 ways to identify and deal with false workers compensation claim

Updated: Mar 12

Before we start talking about False Workers’ Compensation Claim, we need to fully understand what a Workers’ Compensation is.

Table of Contents

  1. What is Workers’ Compensation?

  2. What is Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

  3. What is False Workers’ Compensation Claim?

  4. Workers’ Compensation Fraud by employees.

  5. Workers’ Compensation Fraud by Employers.

  6. Workers’ Compensation Fraud by Health Care Providers.

  7. Identifying false Workers’ Compensation Claims.

  8. Dealing with False Workers’ Compensation Claims.

  9. Penalties for filing a false Workers’ Compensation Claim.

  10. FAQs

What is Workers’ Compensation?

If the name itself doesn’t give it away, it is basically the monetary compensation that a workplace employee gets, in case he sustains a work-related injury or ailment that renders him/her ineffective for that workplace and makes him/her unable to work anymore.

What that means is that the employee will keep getting paid even when he is not working because he is physically unable to work. Workers’ Compensation does not cover any disability sustained off-duty.

Let’s say, a worker is involved in an accident while he is driving home from work or driving to work from home, and he is unable to show up to work the next day. In that case he will not be compensated under Workers’ Compensation.

The workers get this compensation for being unable to work, as a result of any disability sustained, while being on duty.

What is Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

Fraud workers compensation claims identification and dealing
Detecting Fraud workers comp claims