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Are You Ready To Modernize Your Claims Management System?


If you are experiencing any of the following issues , the time is now.


Are you finding the features and functions of your system outdated and inflexible?

Are you struggling with creating reports that require lots of manual input?

Are you experiencing limited or no support for your issues?

KlearClaims is a modern integrated claims and risk management solution that addresses the problems and inadequacies of  legacy systems and provides longevity for your investment.​


Developed with organizations like yours in mind,  our solution provides

  • The modern features and functions are expected today with continuous releases to support future needs and to keep your organization at the forefront.

  • Artificial intelligence is baked into the system to help your adjusters make more accurate decisions during the claims process for severity, reserves, litigation, and provider recommendations.

  • Access to your data to generate reports within the system and AI insights.

  • Streamlined implementation process. 

  • Cost-effective pricing and flexible fee structures to help you move to a modern solution.  

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