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Detect and prevent Fraud Abuse with Insurance Fraud Detection Software using Native AI

KlearAnalytics uses advanced statistical modeling to identify suspicious claims, transactions, and cartels in your network. Searching for a 'needle in the haystack' has never been easier...

Why Analytics for Fraud Detection?


Designed for Workers' Comp

Covers a wide variety of uses cases ranging from Claimant Fraud, Provider Fraud, Billing Fraud and a Nexus between multiple actors within your ecosystem


Advanced Statistical Modelling

Uses proprietary statistical algorithms ranging from Neural Networks, Decision Trees, NLP based Sentiment Analysis and  Anomaly Detection


AI with Deep Learning

KlearAnalytics is an Insurance Fraud Software  designed to self learn and retune itself - improving the accuracies over time 

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Seamless Integration

Identified suspicious claims and transactions are seamlessly moved into designated SIU  queues for detailed investigation

It’s more than just fraud detection software—

it’s peace of mind

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Our proprietary algorithms are tailored to the Workers' Comp line of coverage, aptly recognizing the peculiarities and complexities of managing the business. 

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Advanced Statistical Models for High Accuracy uses a range of advanced statistical techniques as per underlying use case - Logistic Regression, Neural Networks, Decision Trees, or an Ensemble of multiple techniques.  Picking the correct technique is as much a science as art. 

Healthcare Fraud detction AI

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AI with Deep Learning - Deploy & Forget

"Identifying a fraudulent transaction is like scoring on a moving goalpost". The ingenuity of fraudsters is pitted against the sophistication of algorithms, necessitating the need for constant monitoring and frequent updation of algorithms - just to keep us a step ahead of them!

Tailored for Workers' Comp


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