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The internal auditors provide a shield against preventable errors and omissions that may lower quality, tarnish a firm’s reputation and trustworthiness, miss cost containment opportunities, or lead to direct financial losses. Internal audit’s main role is the detection of inefficiencies, noncompliances, and the prevention of losses. .

stock-vector-injury-severity-score-polyt’s Audit Management System ( AMS ) helps our clients automate the auditing process for Workers’ Compensation Claims. This highly adaptable system is intended to support the audit of process, quality, vendors, payments and fraud.

Deeper look’s Audit tool is packaged in a secure, cloud-based platform that prioritizes data safety and end-to-end automation of the Audit function.

The important work of internal auditors would greatly benefit from technology-based audit tools to aide the performance of  their assigned work. 
However, in most environments the audit function remains manual, managed through a paper-based system or other less than optimal environments.  It is believed that a significant number of the claims could be saved by preventing fraud and abuse every year, while the efficiency gains through an automated system could translate into impactful savings.’s audit and performance platform dashboards for Auditor, Audit Management, Manager, and the Auditee functions. Any type of audit could be processed through this performance tool and each feature is customizable to fit your organization’s needs. 
Specifically to:

Improve the quality of claims processing through quick feedback to examiners, positively influence the medical outcome, and enhance employee morale through prompt resolution of claims.

Reduce losses through Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) driven algorithms, that would flag suspicious transactions and fraudulent claims.

Better utilization of an auditor’s bandwidth, by populating their queues with transactions that have higher probabilities of guideline violations. 

Replace the current paper-based audit system with a software-driven automated system, deriving the benefits of enhanced efficiency, transparency, standardization and better monitoring and control over the audit function.

Why ?

A quick demonstration of the Performance platform, we can show you how our audit tool is timely and accurate, and you can learn how we utilize KPI’s specific to your organization which can eventually help claims managers manage their own progress and others. Our product specialists can guide you through the entire performance tool where they will break down the different parts of our model.


Going in depth on each panel, our product specialists will point out each feature of the performance tool as well as give you an in depth analysis on how this tool is beneficial for your specific organization. All this can be done within a fifteen to thirty minute time frame. Sign up here for a demo with our product specialists today!

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