workers comp claims management software for TPAs

AI Workers' Comp Claims Management Software for TPAs provides innovative, insurance data solutions bringing a SaaS-based full lifecycle approach to claims management with robust Business Intelligence and AI-based predictive analytics all supported with integrated automation and auditing solutions.

workers comp claims management software AI


Our solution greatly empowers TPA’s by identifying and resolving non-optimized and problem scenarios before they become expensive and unnecessarily complex.


Claims that hang around get more expensive.’s unified, native AI-based approach significantly improves adjusters’ focus allowing more responsiveness and far fewer missteps.

AI in workers compensation for TPAs

More than just claims software

it’s peace of mind.



Customizable based on LOB, Coverage, Risk Pool all the way down to the Organization



A true collaborative system (that can help manage personnel) with a supportive Customized Touchless Claims Process

Artificial Intelligence

AI uses historical data than can better help the adjuster with recommendations for efficient claims management



Real-time pre-validated State and Federal Compliancy Submissions

workers compensation AI software for TPAs
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Frequently asked questions

Why is AI adoption essential?

AI brings new possibilities and important capabilities to one of the major cost impacts to claims management. The technological evolution of AI in Insurance is undeniable in large part due to it’s ability to deliver new and improved solutions that meet clients’ needs today and lay a strong foundation for tomorrow.

How can help avoid spiraling claims cost?

Claims that hang around get more expensive. Even seasoned adjusters face many challenges including lack of information, heavy caseloads, transfers, and other severity “blind-spots” and hidden indicators of a particular claim. Our unified and Native AI-based approach can score and audit all claims continuously for compliancy and best practices - getting the right claim to the right adjuster at the right time.

How can help us improve our predictive capabilities?

The key to successfully incorporating a predictive model is to target opportunities where data can give a claims organization the biggest lift, with the lowest-hanging fruit clearly being claim severity.

How accurate are you at “predicting” Reserves ?

All of our Predictive Insights are “scored” initially upon FROI and subsequently “re-scored” throughout the claims lifecycle and as appropriate to the particular situation. Our predictive platforms routinely score in the high 70% - low 80% range.

What is a KPI?

A KPI stands for Key Performance Indicator and provides any KPI’s that your organization might need in order to visualize data effectively with customization capabilities.

What type of business entities can this product be used for?

This platform works best with TPA’s, risk pools, government entities, insurance companies, self-insured firms, and Professional Employment Organizations.

How can help in litigation?

Our solution helps risk managers understand their underlying legal costs and – by placing the focus on performance rather than hourly rates or billing practices – determine the relative efficiency of the defense firms they engage.