Predictive Products

Helps your team identify risky claims and improve claim handling outcomes

Accurate predictions for workers' comp programs 

Helps your team identify risky claims and improve claim handling outcomes

Reserve Scoring

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Fraud Detection

The Fraud Detection System is a potent and highly accurate system to flag potential abuse and fraud within workers' comp claims.
Powered by AI and ML, the solution has a library of algorithms built to detect Claimant Fraud, Provider Fraud, and Vendor Fraud.

Reserve Scoring

Our proprietary models give targeted reserve recommendations for every claim based on a survey of historical data including claimant demographics, injury specifics, procedures, prescriptions and other compounding factors like comorbidity.

Severity Scoring

Severity Prediction Models predict the severity of every claim throughout the claim’s lifecycle.    
Accurate predictions can help you lower your claim cost by assigning the right adjuster or making critical decisions regarding case management early in the claim’s lifecycle.


Our models identify the claims with likely potential to recover money through subrogation.
The system further prioritizes and channels these claims to designated subrogation specialists within an organization.


The model provides expected probability along with top drivers resulting in a probabilistic score.
Predict the likelihood of a claim going to litigation is a valuable component to lifecycle management.

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